18 August 2017 y.

Transmashholding increased its sales volume by 18% in the first semester 2017

Over the first semester of 2017, Transmashholding increased the sales volume of its products and services by 18% versus the same period in 2016, which accounted for 65.6 B RUB. 

The sales growth was registered for most the Company’s key products. Thus, the sales of metro cars increased by 14% (120 versus 105 units, 104 units of which were metro cars of new series 81-765/766/767 “Moscow”). The greatest increase of 333 % was achieved in the segment of freight wagons (from 257 to 1113 units), including the open wagons to transport tank container model 13-9744-06 from 136 to 593 units. 

The sales of passenger coaches accrued from 141 to 263 units, including non-compartment coaches, (from 73 to 232 units), which is a growth of 218 %. Some significant positive trends in the Company’s sales were marked in the segments of shunting diesel locomotives where the sales augmented by 18% going up from 56 to 66 units. 

The number of metro cars that underwent a complete overhaul at TMH sites increased from 8 to 117 units. The casting volume also significantly grew by 37%, which represents the increase from 19 to 26 000 tones.